Jodhpur India
The forts/palaces and monuments of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, are one of the main tourist attractions.

Jodhpur Forts and Monuments

Jodhpur has a rich architectural and historical legacy. The exquisiteness of the Jodhpur forts and monuments is sure to enchant the tourists. There are number of famous palaces of Jodhpur, Rajasthan that are worth seeing. Their preservation is the result of the combined efforts of the tourism department of the Rajasthan Government and the royal families of Jodhpur.

Dotting the city and its landscape are various forts and monuments. There are several places to see in Jodhpur, India during your tour to this region. Some of the popular tourist attractions of Jodhpur are:
Each of these places has some history attached to it. You will find it very interesting to take a tour of these places and discover about them. So, make sure to visit these places on your trip to Jodhpur. Without a visit to these forts and monuments, your trip to Jodhpur will be incomplete.