Jodhpur India
Read about shopping in Jodhpur, shopping attractions of Jodhpur and also the shopping places of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Shopping in Jodhpur

One thing which most of the people do on a holiday trip is to shop. It is something like a must do. Shopping in Jodhpur is an exciting and rewarding shopping experience for the visitors. It is the homeplace of many talented and skilled craftsmen. They include textile dyers, metal engravers and die-makers. Jodhpur still, probably, has the last of the tailors of the classic 'Jodhpur' breeches. While in Jodhpur, don't forget to buy the famous Jodhpuri Suit. It gives a royal identity to your dressing. Jodhpur is regarded as one of the most famous hub for wholesale export operations in India and attracts significant number of European and North American dealers. Shopping attractions of Jodhpur include the popular items of Jodhpur and the markets where you can buy them.

The popular items of Jodhpur, Rajasthan are:
The following lines provide information about the main Jodhpur, India shopping places and their famous items:

Sojati Gate:
The famous items available here are Tie and Dye Sarees.

Station Road:
This market is famous for Leather, Embroidered shoes and Utensils.

Tripolia Bazaar:
You can shop here for local Handicrafts and Textiles.

Mochi Bazaar:
Here you get the famous Lac works like Lac bangles.

Nai Sarak:
Buy Tie and Dye dresses, Leather items and Handlooms from this market.

Clock Tower:
Apart from the well-known item "spices", this is another place to shop for Handicrafts and Textiles.

Apart from these popular markets, you also have the option to send gifts to jodhpur online for occasions such as birthday, anniversary, Rakhi or Diwali.