Jodhpur India
One of the famous lakes around Jodhpur, Rajasthan is the Balsammand Lake.

Balsammand Lake Jodhpur

The Balsammand Lake in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is a popular picnic spot, encircled by hills. It is an artificial lake built in 1159 AD. Balsammand Lake is approximately 7 kms from the main city, on the Jodhpur - Mandore road. This lake is approximately one kilometer long, fifty meters wide and fifteen meters deep. Next to the lake stands the Balsammand Palace, an artistic eight-pillared palace with three entrance gates. Maharaja Sur Singh got the palace constructed in 1936, as a summer pavilion.

All around the lake are lush green gardens. You can also take a walk through the trees, the rose beds and around pools covered with lilies. Also in the garden are the groves of mango, guava, papaya, plum, banana, pomegranate and other fruits. An artificial cascading waterfall brings water from the reservoir to the gardens. The embankments of the lake, in front of the palace, have domed structure that offers fabulous views of the lake. One will also get to see the peacocks, blue bulls, jackals and hundreds of fruit bats in the trees.

Approximately 2 km from the city and on the way to the lake, is the Maha Mandir. A hundred pillared temple, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A walled town is built around the temple. The lake is a must-see picnic spot, enchanting tourists with the cool breeze blowing through the lush greenery around the lake. The peaceful surroundings of Balsammand Lake will leave you at peace with yourself.