Jodhpur India
You can visit Baba Ramdeo Temple or the Adhar Shila Temple while in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Baba Ramdeo Temple Jodhpur

Baba Ramdeo Temple of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is situated on the route between the Jalori Gate and the Nagori Gate in Jodhpur, India. It is also known as the Adhar Shila Temple and stands on top of a sandstone hill. The antiquity of the temple attracts tourists to this place. Do add this temple to your itinerary, while visiting Jodhpur.

Adhar Shila Temple in Jodhpur, India acts as a symbol of divine devotion and duty. Many unproved legends and local beliefs surround this temple. Just outside the main entrance to the temple, is a tiny rock inscribed with the words "Enter at your own risk". This inscription lends a mystic appeal of this ancient temple. Also, it adds a mysterious angle to the temple, making it prone to people with an inquisitive mind.