Jodhpur India
For devotees of Lord Shiva is the Shiv Mandir (temple) in Ossian/Osiyan, near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Ossian Shiv Mandir Jodhpur

Make sure to visit the Ossian Shiv Mandir near Jodhpur, while on a visit to the Ossian city. It is a living proof of the Indian architectural brilliance around Jodhpur. The Shiv Osiyan temple in Rajasthan is known for its beautifully carved pillars. On the pillars are embellishments of vase and floral motifs, typical of Hindu religious architecture. The temple ceilings were conceived by quite an imaginative mind and are decorated with lace like motifs.

Lord Shiva is often depicted in Hindu mythology as a Maha Yogi. The temples walls have a number of paintings depicting him in various yogic postures. This presents a wonderful sight to the eyes and takes you back to the past. So don't forget to include this temple in your Ossian itinerary.