Jodhpur India
For the devotees of Lord Vishnu is the Vishnu Temple in Ossian/Osiyan, near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Vishnu Temple Ossian

The Ossian Vishnu Temple near Jodhpur was constructed in the later half of the 9th century. It was once an architectural beauty. But now, the Vishnu Osiyan Temple in Rajasthan is showing signs of wearing down with the passage of time. The tower in the shrine has been unfortunately damaged. But inspite of that, the place is worth taking a look at.

However, still some features worth seeing are there in the temple. The most striking one is the wonderfully carved and columned mandap (a raised platform for weddings and other ceremonies). Adjunct to the mandap, is a balcony. It is artfully decorated with figures of various Hindu deities. Also, on it is a lot of foliate ornamentation. Located nearby is a Baori (Step well). Approximately one kilometre away from the Vishnu temple is a Ganesh Pillar. The pillar was built to honor Ganeshji (son of Lord Shiva).